Are you an independent pizza shop?

If you have an independent pizza shop, and want the benefits of online ordering for yourself and your customers, then look no further.

Online ordering from Pizza Galaxy is made for you.

Since 2004 Pizza Galaxy has provided online ordering services for independent, family owned pizza shops.

We offer great service, dependability, and a big boost to your bottom line.

We are professional, friendly and dedicated to providing you with a service that keeps the orders coming in, and leaves you free to make great food.

Our service will send you larger orders and more frequent visits from your customers.

We are easy to work with. Just give us a call or an email to get started.

Orders arrive at your shop by fax, no computer needed.

Or we can send orders to your email or web printer.

Customers can pay by cash, credit card or Paypal.

Your customers will never wait on hold, or worry about a mistake in their order.

Want to get started now? Then click here.

Or call us at (203) 230-9662, and tell us you want to get online ordering now.

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