Online ordering increases customer satisfaction, frequency, and sales.

If you own a restaurant, and want online ordering that leaves your profits in your pocket, Pizza Galaxy is for you.
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All you need is a fax machine, a web printer, or an email account, and your guests can start placing online orders to your shop within days.

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"Your service has been exceptional."

"Your online marketing, and fast menu changes helped online orders become 20% of our business."

  - Geoffrey Loveless, owner, Texas Steak Out, Austin, TX

"I love the system and your support. Keep up the good work."

"I'd say my top benefits are Customer convenience and increased ticket sales."

   - -- Guy Anastasia, owner of Papa's Pizza, San Diego CA

"Online ordering helps keep us profitable in a stagnating economy."

   - Rick Mahlke, New York Pizzeria, Denver, CO

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