Pizza Galaxy's Online Coupons System Gives Restaurants Total Control


Red Bank, NJ - September 9, 2005

Customers who register for online ordering at LaVita's Family Restaurant in Woodstown, NJ , get a little something extra in their email. A coupon code embedded in the message that verifies their email address, gets them a free pizza when they purchase one at the regular price.

LaVita's distributes their "Buy 1 Pizza, Get 1 Free" Introductory coupon only to new customers. Unlike paper coupons which are susceptible to overuse by existing customers, Pizza Galaxy's online coupon system lets the restaurant control who gets a particular coupon and who can use it. Once a customer purchases the special offer with the coupon, that customer never again sees the special on the online menu.

"This level of control lets the promotion be used exactly the way a restaurant owner wants," said Rudy Vener, President of Pizza Galaxy. Restaurants can now offer great deals to attract new customers without decreasing sales from existing customers abusing an Introductory offer.

Pizza Galaxy's advanced coupon system also lets restaurants control what days a special will appear on their online menu. Ollie's Main Street Pizza, of Chelsea and Manchester, Michigan has just created a special offer for "Large 1 topping pizza with breadsticks" that only appears on their online order page on Mondays.

Restaurants may set expiration dates for their online coupons, but unlike paper coupons, there is never any argument about whether a coupon has expired. Once the expiration date is reached, the special offer associated with the coupon simply doesn't appear on the online menu and cannot be ordered.

"Our coupon system finally gives restaurants the ability to control their coupon and special offer promotions," said Rudy. "They get the best of both worlds, great deals to attract new customers and the regular price from existing ones."

Pizza Galaxy has been helping independent pizzerias and restaurants market online with their online ordering and Internet marketing services since 2003. They can be reached at (203) 230-9662.

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